Franziska Neef

Group Leader Research & Development
Retreading Commercial Vehicle Tires

Blinkers on? Not at Conti!
Franziska Neef is passionate about horses. But one thing drives her crazy – blinkers. This is one of the reasons why the 30-year-old qualified engineer loves being at Continental. “For me, Continental is a place where we can develop freely, where nothing really stands in our way,” she enthuses. In her position as the developer responsible for hot retreaded truck tires, she really benefits from this open company culture.

“The nice thing is,” Franziska says, “that for Commercial Vehicle Tires, none of us just work in one tiny sub-area. We are developing tires for the entire world.”

That’s why Continental will never put blinkers on. The horse in the company logo doesn’t have any – but then why would it?

We are Commercial Vehicle Tires.