I am Franziska Neef. I'm 29 years old. I have been with Conti for almost 10 years.
Especially in research and development of truck tires we have a huge number of nationalities, age groups, women, men – it's very mixed.
That's very inspiring. We get a lot of food for thought when discussing topics with all these people.
The team is a great motivation to come to work. I have so much fun working with them.
And I guess this is typical for developers of truck tires: in traffic jams on the motorway first thing we do is look to the right.
What sort of tires does he have?
It makes me feel proud to see my own tire there. That's great!
Our retreads have "ContiRe" on the side, and I know: every ContiRe is mine.
I'm in charge of breathing new life into truck tires.
What attracts me to truck tires is that they have a longer life. They spend a very long time on the road, in their first or second life.
In some regions they have more than five lives.
This is a completely different set of challenges that we have to consider during development.
We are Commercial Vehicle Tires.
Once we had developed a tire, and two of us were sitting beside the test driver in the truck, driving across the Contidrom.
That was really very special.
It was like, "Can you feel it? … It slides!" That was really something. To see the relevance of our work is a lot of fun.
Group Leader Research & Development Retreading Commercial Vehicle Tires
At Conti we can develop freely, we're not held back. We're being listened to and taken seriously.
We get given responsibility quite quickly, for products, developing product lines, major projects, employees, team management.
That's really nice.
A lot is done in teams. We're being supported.
That's why this job is a perfect match for me.