Federico Jiménez

Key Account Manager Global Operations Ports
Commercial Specialty Tires

Around the World with Conti.
No more than five years at any one company – that was the limit that Federico Jiménez had set for himself as a student. Yet he has now been at Continental for twelve years, and boredom is not something he has to deal with.
In the meantime, Federico has become responsible for the port customers of the Business Unit Commercial Specialty Tires. Every week, he sets out from Madrid for points anywhere and everywhere around the world. "I have learned a lot in the course of my travels," says Federico. What he has picked up along the way is of good use to him, too. Indeed, it is essential that the Spaniard has an idea of what the Chinese customer wants. He has to know how to motivate the colleague in the U.S. and grasp what keeps the engineer in Germany going.
How he manages to spend virtually every weekend with his family in Madrid despite all this time on the road is his secret "The world is on the move – and I am, too," he says with a grin.

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