Geert Roik

Head of Research and Development
Commercial Vehicle Tires

The Idea Promoter.
His door is always open. To everyone. "If someone has a good idea, they can come to me with it," says Geert Roik, head of Global Research and Development at Continental Commercial Vehicle Tires.
The 58-year-old does not need a tie; he exudes plenty of charisma even in casual attire. But he relies on the creativity of his colleagues because the requirements in the international market are highly complex. "Nobody can know every last detail of every area at the same time." That is why the in-depth knowledge of the individual experts is invaluable to Roik: "I know that I have the best people. I can rely on their knowledge – and am happy to use it."

Roik also knows that hardly any university graduate has a penchant for commercial vehicle tires: "Tires are not something you dream about – tires need to be discovered," he says with a smile.

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