My name is Vigneshwar Kalyanasundaram. I am twenty seven and have been working at Continental for the last two and a half years.
I figured it is much easier to learn German than to leave Continental.
What are my plans for the future? So far, I have no plans because I want to stay with Continental
and these two and half years in this company have been so good that I simply cannot imagine leaving this company.
I work in R&D and I am a tire development engineer.
As a child did I ever think I would work with tires? I can’t say I did, but over time, I’ve come to realize how intricate a tire is.
On the outside tires are just black and round.
But so many components come together to build a tire that sometimes developing tires is like magic.
We are Commercial Vehicle Tires
I came to Continental because after studying in India I went to America.
When I was looking for a job, Continental came to our university
and asked me if I wanted to go to Germany. I said I don’t speak any German.
They then said that to work in Research & Development you only need to speak in English:
So I went to Germany in search of a unique experience
and after two and a half years I can absolutely say that this decision was a good one.
Tire Development Engineer
For me it was fairly easy to earn trust at Continental. With actions and work, you can easily show what your strengths are.
What I like about my work is that the building in where I work,
there are people from sixty different countries and it’s a lot of fun to work with so many different cultures.
When someone wants to live here for many years,
feel to engage in friendships and social relationships outside of work, speaking German is quite helpful.