Libor Heger

Head of Truck Tire Technologies,
The Americas

No quiet please!
“I love the speed, the dynamism!,” says Libor Heger, and he doesn’t just mean in his favorite heavy metal music. “It suits me, my work, the company, and the direction we’re going in.” Libor Heger doesn’t have a quiet life. He had a successful badminton career in Europe, and had his own company by the age of 20. In 1997 the Czech banking system crashed and he had to start over. Today Libor is responsible for Truck Tire Technologies in Fort Mill, South Carolina. And he likes America just as much as the product which he looks to improve day after day.

The 38-year-old Czech leans back and smiles happily. Even though he loves speed, he’s in no hurry to leave here quickly.

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