My name is Siegbert Steuber. I am 47 and have worked for Continental since 1983.
That is not a given. Continental has always supported me and I am extremely grateful for that.
Most of us are passionate about working for Continental. A large number of colleagues have been here for 20 years or more.
They identify with the department and stand behind what they do.
The passion I have for Continental is a part of my family history. I am the third generation to work here.
My granddad was here, my father was here, my mom was here. My cousins and my uncles were all here
and it makes me tremendously proud to work for Continental.
Never in my life could I imagine going anywhere else. I feel at home, I feel absolutely fantastic, and I enjoy and simply love it.
It is not blood that runs through my veins, but caoutchouc.
My job title is process technician for solid industrial tires.
We have the most cutting-edge tire plant in the world when it comes to winding technology.
This machine, which we invented, is truly unique. There is only one in the world and that is in Korbach.
The quality standards of our tires are extremely high. They have to be because our tires are premium.
An extremely high outlay is required to be able to manufacture such a high-quality tire. The tires are inspected, they are tested.
We are Commercial Vehicle Tires.
It is extremely important that we are always certain that the quality we hope for is always there.
We constantly check this, which makes the process challenging yet interesting.
And the customer is extremely satisfied, which is quite obvious.
Nowadays, it is really tough to balance work and family life.
I myself am a father. I have two young children and my wife is employed.
Continental enables me to balance work and family life by allowing me to work flexible hours and organize my own working schedule
Process Technician for Solid Industrial Tires
so that my wife can pursue her career and I can look after my kids and even coach a soccer youth team on the side.
Continental has always supported me in all of the roles I have held.
The company has always given me the help I needed and ensured that I completed the training courses and mastered the systems I needed.
The support was there to complete my master classes as I was released from work to attend college on Saturdays.