Siegbert Steuber

Process Technician
for Solid Industrial Tires

A Passion passes to the Third Generation.
Many are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. For his part, Siegbert Steuber was born with a hand on a tire. Following the war, his grandfather rebuilt the Continental factory in Korbach. His parents worked there – and he, as well, for thirty years now. "Siggi" is a process technician. He is right where he wants to be, smack bang in the middle of things. Always with an eye on the machines, constantly with a critical regard for the finished tires, ever ready for an exchange with colleagues. Korbach turns out mainly custom-built products in small series – in other words, class instead of mass. "We have products that are absolutely premium," underscores Steuber with pride. He is, of course, happy to go home after work, but Conti is also part of his family. "I have rubber flowing through my veins, not blood."

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