For instance, in 2005 I had the chance to undergo industrial training at one of the Continental plants in Europe.
My name is Muhamad Shahriman Bin Munit. I'm 38 years old.
That was so incredible – I can't describe it in words.
I work at Continental Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
I'm Head of Quality Management for Truck and Bus Radial Tires and Tire Uniformity.
I'm very happy to work for Continental because my area of work is very challenging.
One of my favorite tasks is to find solutions for problems which arise in the workplace.
We are Commercial Vehicle Tires.
My first day at work was curious. I was excited but also concerned whether
I would be able to last at this factory because the work was very challenging.
However, thank Allah I'm a hard worker and very determined. So after 12 years I'm still here.
Head of Quality Assurance Truck Bus Radial & Tire Uniformity
What motivates me most at work is the constant and strong team spirit amongst my colleagues here at the TBR plant,
whether they work in management or on the shop floor.
To have been nominated as one of the finalists for the ContiTireAward in 2011 was a great achievement for me.
I have a lot of wonderful memories from my 12 years at Continental.