Jens Schöning

Head of Quality Management,
Commercial Vehicle Tires

Taking Care of Quality.
Jens Schöning sees himself as a coach – one that helps others to deliver the best quality day in, day out. Yet he doesn’t seem the pedantic type: the Head of Quality Management at Continental Commercial Vehicle Tires greets his visitors with a warm smile and a boyish charm.

“Quality managers used to be the ones checking if everything in the factory was running as it should be,” he says. “Today we help colleagues on site to continuously improve.” For Jens Schöning believes that you only get quality when everyone cooperates. And that works best when employees recognize problems themselves and develop measures to resolve them.

Naturally, Quality Management is still interested in faults, whether in tires, intermediate products, or manufacturing processes. But for one reason only: Jens Schöning wants happy customers. The customer is king – and when you are working for His Majesty, there are no compromises.

We are Commercial Vehicle Tires.