Martin Theusner

Retired Environmental Protection Officer

Vocation: Inventor.
Martin Theusner stands in a factory building, a blaring siren signals a problem. The 67-year-old is wearing office clothing, but stains on his shirt or trousers are of no concern to him. "Even my wristwatch had to bite the dust," he explains. He had forgotten to take it off before working on a large magnet. The watch was a write-off, but the machine was working again.

That is Theusner to a T. He always has to get right up close to the problem. Developing, introducing, and implementing his own ideas – that was what most appealed to the chemist with a doctorate in his over 30 years at Continental. And he doesn't just get his ideas at the desk or in the laboratory. The home kitchen, the scrapyard – for Theusner, there is no place in the world where you can't acquire another piece of knowledge.

And so, the only role missing among all those in Theusner's résumé is his actual one: inventor.

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