My name is Frederico Jiménez. I'm from Spain,
Being in contact with so many different cultures has really been enriching for me.
I've learned a little more about the world – just that little bit more than other people,
and it has made me feel that much more special, cosmopolitan, and more realistic about all that happens outside of just Spain.
This is what I've learned, and something I can take away.
I work for the Business Unit Commercial Specialty Tires as Key Account Manager Global Operations Ports.
When you're at university, you think it's better to change jobs often to forward your career more quickly.
At Continental, I've learned that this isn't true.
It's been incredible working here because it's a constant learning experience.
Over the last twelve years I haven't stopped learning.
We are Commercial Vehicle Tires
The energy that drives you as you need to grow, to bring new ideas, new services,
new customers, new products, all changes so rapidly,
and is so challenging that it is a luxury and an honor to work here and I am proud to be part of it.
Key Account Manager Global Operation Ports Commercial Speciality Tires
I have considerable freedom in terms of decision-making.
Continental has imposed no obstacles and that is really the best part of working here –
Continental lets you work and evolve freely both within the company and outside of it.
I am free and responsible for accomplishing my job and determining my own level of commitment to Continental.
Working as part of an international team is simply amazing.