My name is Martin Theusner. I am 67 years old
And then I set to work to develop a production process that helps our company do its bit to preserve the environment.
The research for my projects didn't just take me to junk yards – I even turned my kitchen at home into a laboratory.
Sometimes you just have to go off the beaten track to be successful in protecting the environment.
and worked for years as the Environmental Protection Manager for Commercial Vehicle Tires at the Stöcken site.
In my last few years working at Continental, I launched projects
that I still want to see through to successful completion, even though I'm actually already retired.
That's what brought me to Puchov today, to keep supporting the hurricane machine.
The idea of the hurricane machine, or this separation method, came to me when we sent some rubberized steel cable for intermediate storage at a waste disposal plant.
We are Commercial Vehicle Tires.
Of course the hurricane machine got its name because of its chains. They rotate like a North American hurricane, generating a powerful vortex.
The rotating chains strike the materials at high-speed.
I really always developed these projects on my own initiative.
Not once was I given a specific assignment. And that's what really made my responsibilities and my job so interesting.
It was the fact that I could decide for myself which topics to work on and where I saw issues, and then actually make solutions happen.
Retired Environmental Protection Officer
Continental supported me every step of the way to make it possible.
A pure desk job wouldn't have been right for my kind of work.
I hit on ideas going through production. When I see waste containers, I ask myself what could be done to optimize the process.
How can I reshape the process in a way that curbs the environmental impact and reduces resource use and emissions?